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  • Jun. 14th, 2012 at 1:47 PM
I'd really like to recommend two fics that I absolutely adored. One was written for hds_beltane and the other was written for harrydracompreg.

I'd like to, first, talk about Love, Like Hate, Knows Many Guises.
Title: Love, Like Hate, Knows Many Guises
Author: ???
Recipient: </a></b></a>singlemomsummer
Pairings: Marcus Flint/Draco, Harry/Draco
Word Count: 24.5K
Rating: NC-17 mostly because of violence entirely unrelated to H/D
Summary: Both Harry and Draco are terrified of love, albeit for different reasons. Harry’s never been in love, but he’s seen enough of love’s dark side to know he never wants to be. Draco, on the other hand, has been in love, but that love nearly killed him. Eventually they find that only the other can help him imagine life – and love’s – infinite forms and possibilities.

This was written for the beltane fest and I feel it is highly commendable. However, it is not for the faint of heart. It deals with the serious issues of domestic abuse/violence and well as the effects child neglect can have later in life. There is also infantilism, thought not in a sexual way. It is gritty and brutal and honest, and that's why I love it. It's so different than all the smutt out there. (Not that the smutt isn't good!) This is angst extreme.
Draco is both strong, and weak in this, as well as Harry, and they both try to help each other through their weaknesses and it's brilliantly done. Whoever the author is, he/she handled the story beautifully and wrote with real incite. I implore whoever may be reading this to give it a go.

The other fic is The Rules of War.
Title: The Rules of War
Prompt: 72 – After having his tentative advance rebuffed, Harry has been imperius-ing Draco into having a relationship with him. He's needed to make the curse stronger and stronger, the more he wants – desire, sex, love, marriage, baby. However, when Draco falls pregnant, the power of the curse starts diminishing, no matter what Harry tries. What happens when the curse finally fails?
Prompt Submitted By: </a></b></a>blissed_bess
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Language, could be considered Non-con or Dub-con due to the Imperius business, Snark, Switching, Not-very-explicit het, Angsty angst angstness, much solo fun, very light wandplay … I think that's everything *headscratch*
Epilogue compliant? Not a chance, fancy pants
Word Count: 40,170
Summary: "Harry felt like he'd been frozen solid, all the agonizing he'd done over finding himself attracted to Malfoy – a Death Eater, the bane of his friends' existence and his own personal bully, all the better people he'd tried to find to replace him, the difficulty of coming to terms with the weight of what he felt for that horrid, spoilt man and it had never even occurred to him. Not even once. He had been so wrapped up in his own handling of it that it hadn't crossed his mind. He had never even considered that Malfoy might not want him."
Part 1 & Part 2

This fic was bloody fantastic. I can't praise this author enough for this brilliant story. This is a story of love spurned. Draco never liked Harry, Draco is a bigoted prat, and yet, Harry still falls for him. Then controls him through imperio. I can't get over how much I enjoyed this fic for it's originality. This was also very angst-filled, and it remains that way until the very end. There isn't really a happy ending. Their whole relationship was a sham. I love Draco in this. He is so in character, as if he came right out of the books. Harry as well. The mpreg is a minor detail in this story, which I don't know if I like or not. Scratch that. I like it. This story is about Harry and Draco and how they both handle the situation when everything comes to light. Also, what I liked about this, even though Draco is in character, he is still a good person. That point is made, and he proves that. For once, Draco is a better person then Harry. Ah! I love it. Oh! And this name: Jellypaste!

That's about it. Enjoy!


  • Feb. 3rd, 2011 at 8:55 PM
So this is where I state my purpose:
My hope with this blog is that I may use it as a way of keeping track of fanfictions that I've read and enjoyed throughout the Harry Potter fandom. I would like to post recommendations, art that I have found inspiring, and personal posts for no reason really.
My goal is to come up with a list of every fic I have read. (Well, that's a little ambitious.) EDIT: This never happened... I do plan on making a Master Rec List though!

I'll start this off by saying the last fic I read and posting a picture I recently admired:

The World Below Us by lemondrop34
Pairing: Albus/Scorpius
Era: Post-hogwarts
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Al Potter doesn’t believe in love. Scorpius Malfoy does.

It was a very touching, heart-warming story. Filled with love and misunderstanding, as good romances usually are.
EDIT: I've now read this story at least 3 times, and I love it every time. Al takes a complete 180 with his life, and that change is due entirely to Scorpius. Al doesn't believe in relationships, and that's all Score believes in. Slowly but surely, they both adapt to each other, and Al finds love. I really just have to rec it once again. Trust me, it's worth the read. I don't think this story gets much notice anymore. The author has been absent since the stories birth and I really wish it got more attention. Probably my favorite Scorbus story ever. Trust me. Read it.

Oh, and enjoy some pretty art!

Hurtling towards you by reira_21
A gorgeous piece, but really, all her work is brilliant.

By the way, my name is Claire. Nice to meet you.
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